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The Two Ponds Preservation Foundation was founded in 1990 for the purpose of preserving wetlands and natural habitat specifically but not limited to urban areas. It is the intent of the foundation that land(s) which the foundation helps secure and preserve be open for the enjoyment of the public, and for assisting children in urban areas to study and better understand their natural heritage. The Foundation shall not engage in activities that would be outside the statues of the State of Colorado for a Colorado Nonprofit Corporation. The Foundation recognizes that this natural heritage is a valuable resource with distinct cultural and educational values.

The Two Ponds Preservation Foundation works in cooperation with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service which is the managing owner of the
Two Ponds National Wildlife Refuge to conserve the wetlands and natural wildlife habitat and provide environmental education opportunities for the community.
The Foundation formed partnerships with Boy Scout Troops, Sierra Elementary School, Cogan Construction, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Environmental Protection Agency, Colorado State Parks, Colorado Division of Wildlife, Great Outdoors Colorado, City of Arvada and other partners too numerous to mention here to successfully complete many projects on the Refuge.



The Foundation was awarded the Environmental Protection Agency Outstanding Achievement Award in 1991. This was to acknowledge the excellent example of what concerned citizens can accomplish in protecting natural areas.

                1992/93 Volunteer Service Award
                              US Department of Interior
                   1993  Outstanding Contribution Award
                           Take Pride in America Campaign
US Fish & Wildlife Service
                1999 Land Leadership Award
                   US Fish & Wildlife Service Mountain-Prairie Region
The Foundation launched its first major fund raising effort in 2000 and since then has raised over $250,000 from private donations, grants and in-kind contributions. These contributions have built kiosks at the three refuge entrances, trails, paving bricks, benches at the east entrance and the two pedestrian bridges over the canals. The funds have also supported environmental education projects including the prarie garden plantings with plant ID signs, a noxious weed brochure, interactive sketch table, a refuge tour brochure and a traveling environment trunk which is used in schools throughout the metro area. The Foundation hosts the Federal Junior Duck Stamp Art Contest in Colorado, participates in Arvada's Harvest Festival, Trails Day, Take Pride in Arvada Day and is a
member of the Arvada Chamber of Commerce.

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