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Dec. 4
All day

Colorado Gives Day!

Community First Foundation and FirstBank are presenting Colorado Gives Day on Tuesday, December 4, 2018.

This annual statewide movement celebrates and increases philanthropy in Colorado through online giving.

The $1 Million Incentive Fund created by the partners is one of the largest giving-day incentive funds in the country.

Click the "Donate Now" button at the top of this page to donate directly to the Two Ponds Preservation Foundation and help us build the educational pavilion and ranger station.

Online -

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During open business hours Self-guided Nature Walks

In this fast-paced world, reconnecting with nature is more important than ever. To achieve this, people are becoming increasingly interested in exploring wild places on their own.  As a result, Two Ponds consistently offers a free self-guided nature brochure with several interpretive locations and descriptions throughout the Refuge – available at the main kiosk. 

Two Ponds NWR
9210 W 80th Ave
Arvada, CO

2nd Tuesday of each month

8 am-

11 am

Two Ponds Tuesdays

Time and again, people are encourage to give back to their community's natural resources and reduce their footprint on the planet.  Urban wildlife refuges like Two Ponds serve as an oasis for native wildlife and migrating birds throughout the year.  So get outside and come help us improve the Refuge for animals and people alike.  Tools and materials will be provided-and reservations are not required.

Two Ponds NWR

9210 W 80th Ave
Arvada, CO

3rd Thurs.
​of each month
9 am to 11 am

Home School Habitat

What better place to connect with nature than a wildlife refuge near your own community and home?  Every month, Two Ponds offers a free drop in program that provides experiential learning opportunities outside the classroom for families who educate their children themselves.  Visit with a Refuge manager and come explore the benefits of nature in a non-formal setting.  For more details call 303-289-0867.

Two Ponds NWR

9201 W. 80th Ave.


Nov. 21
4:30 pmAnnual membership meeting and election of Board of Directors

PBS Wealth Management Consultants

4674 Grandview Ave. Suite 200 Arvada, CO